Anthony Jannarelly was once with W Motors – those famous for the Fast and Furious 7 stunt with the supercar crossing between two skyscrapers – but he is his own man now and even has the Design-1 to embody his vision of a sports car.

Showcased for the first time back in December 2015, one of the most interesting aspects about the Design-1 lightweight sports car has been the meager windshield. Now, responding to popular demand, the United Arab Emirates-based automotive company has revealed its first line of accessories for the model will include a proper windshield and a removable hard top. There’s no pricing or any other information about the products, so we’re getting this as a teaser for the actual things.

Jannarelly Design-1 now has the option of a windshield and removable hard top 7

As far as we can see, the proper windshield is held in place using a still light carbon fiber frame – and it’s the same material used for the removable hard top. It’s also interestingly featured with a “unique canopy-like opening system,” so it looks like something that will make getting in and out a bit harder than before. Aesthetically though, hands down for the idea. In case you forgot, the Jannarelly Design-1 uses a 3.5-liter V6 engine from Nissan good for 304 hp and 273 lb-ft of torque – which is enough considering the model only weighs 1,720 pounds (780 kg).


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