Japan’s Auto Market: Production down, Exports up in Sept. image

Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association released Friday the Statistical Data for the first nine months of 2011. Accordingly, Japan’s export of cars, trucks and buses increased in September for the 2nd consecutive month, to 8.8 percent more than a year ago for a total of 477,911 vehicles (up form 439,230 vehicles last year).

Automobile production in September 2011 registered a fall of 4.5% or 41,410 unites, from 925,003 units produced in 2010 to 883,593 unites in 2011. The fall was generated by the negative impact of passenger cars (-5.2%, down 41,860 units compared to 2010) and trucks (-1,5%, down 1,721 units ) production, while buses production was up 24.2% (22,171 units). During the first half of Japan’s fiscal year (April 2011 – September 2011) automobile production registered only 3,902,348 units, down with 18.5% or 884,593 units compared with the 4,786,941 units total recorded for 2010.

September’s domestic sales counted 462,192 vehicles, with 2,1% compared with the same month pf the previous year. The negative impact compared to last year’s period was registered from passenger cars sales (392,050 units, down 2.1%), trucks (69,296 units, down 1.7%), while buses sales grew with 5.5 percent (846 units). Overall, during Jan – Sept period, counting 1,939,953 vehicles sold, the domestic sales registered a 23.7% decrease compared with previous year.

Exports (result) stood at 108.8% as compared with the same month of the previous year. The cumulative results of January to September 2011 shows that export stood at 83.3% as compared with the same period of previous year.

Moody’s Investors Service stated that more 400 Japanese companies from Thailand faced production disruptions due to massive flooding, including automakers, as well as electronics makers such as Sony Corp., Canon Inc. and Toshiba Corp.

“All told, the floods have cut Japan’s targeted car output from Thailand by nearly 90 percent, but Thailand’s share of global car exports is just one tenth of Japan’s,” Moody’s reported.