Nissan and Honda plan to reduce production in China with 50%, due to the territorial dispute between Japan and China.

Last month’s violent protests from China, affected the Japanese auto sales in the country. The attacks broke out after the Japanese government bought a group of islands, located in the East China Sea. Nissan announced it will end the night shift at its two Chinese passenger car plants, in Huadu and Zhengzhou, and will operate only during the day.

According to a report published in the Nikkei newspaper, Toyota and Honda also announced their restructuring plans, cutting China production to about half of its normal level, slowing down the production line speed and reducing the working hours. A Toyota spokesman could not confirm the report and only said that production in China was going as planned after the country’s national holiday period.

In September, Toyota’s sales dropped 40% to 50,000 units, compared with the same period last week. Mazda, which also closed its plants in China for two days last month said than the facilities are operating again but didn’t offer details. Suzuki, which at the end of September stopped one of two shifts, declared that production is now back as it was before the holiday.


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