Japan: automakers resume production after snow image

Rushing to limit the weather’s impact on domestic production, most Japanese automakers, Toyota included, have announced they have resumed total or partial operations at the plants affected by the heavy snow.

The Japanese automakers are keen to get back to work as they strive to meet increased domestic demand as consumers rush to buy new cars before a planned tax increase in April. The heavy falls of snow, said to have been the worst in 50 years in the region – which includes Tokyo – have disrupted goods delivery because of roads closing and prompted the production stop for one or more days at all major carmakers – Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Suzuki, Mazda and Subaru.

“It may be difficult to fully catch up on the lost production volume, though that is up to how much the companies can operate their plants on the weekends,” said Satomi Hamada, a senior analyst at IHS Automotive.

Toyota opened to business all four plants affected, which account for roughly 30% of its domestic production; while Honda, Suzuki and Fuji Heavy also resumed work at all of their suspended sites, according to company spokespersons.

Only Mazda and Nissan still reported problems on Tuesday, for the first parts deliveries to the Hiroshima plant being delayed, while for the other operations at one of its plants were still stalled.

Via Reuters