Japan: automotive industry is recovering, production up 20.3% in October image

The Japanese auto industry show signs of strong recovery, after the Japanese Automobile Manufacturers Association on Wednesday said vehicle production in October increased by 20.3 after a 4.5% fall in the previous month.

In total, in October, the Japanese auto industry built 904,247 vehicles — an increase of 152,827 units. However, JAMA said production of motorcycle fell 3.4 percent year-on-year in October.

There were built 450,983 standard cars (over 2000 cc) (up 63,533 units or 16.4%), 210,166 small cars (up 57,700 units or 37.8%), and 112,545 mini cars (up 7,696 units or 7.3%).

In addition, the Japanese association said that exports logged an annual growth of 13.2 percent in October, while the increase in motorcycle exports was just 0.5 percent.

In October, after 14 months of decline new vehicle sales in Japan have shown a strong growth of 25.2 percent from a year earlier to 381,114 units in October according to the Japanese Automobile Manufacturers Association.

After the March deadly earthquake, now, the Japanese industry is facing new threats – the floods in Thailand that have made allot of factories to operate at a low level mostly because of part shortages, and the strong yen.

Last week, Toyota Motor Corp. CEO warned that auto production is in danger of collapsing as result of the strong yen.

The Toyota Motor chief also asked the central government to come up with a set of comprehensive measures to fight the strong yen, including steps to combat deflation.

October 2011 Automobile Production Figures by Type of Vehicle

1) Passenger cars: 773,694 units, up 128,929 units or 20.0%
Standard cars
(over 2000 cc)
450,983 units, up 63,533 units or 16.4%
Small cars 210,166 units, up 57,700 units or 37.8%
Mini car
(under 660 cc)
112,545 units, up 7,696 units or 7.3%

2) Trucks: 120,036 units, up 22,255 units or 22.8%
Standard truck vehicles 55,723 units, up 13,229 units or 31.1%
Small trucks 24,144 units, up 6,215 units or 34.7%
Mini trucks
(under 660 cc)
40,169 units, up 2,811 units or 7.5%

3) Buses: 10,517 units, up 1,643 units or 18.5%
Large buses 857 units, up 250 units or 41.2%
Small buses 9,660 units, up 1,393 units or 16.9%

Number of Automobile Domestic Sales
Domestic sales in October 2011 stood at 381,114 vehicles, up 25.2% as compared with the same month of the previous year.

October 2011 Automobile Domestic Sales Figures by Type of Vehicle
Passenger cars 320,780 units, up 27.6%
Trucks 59,600 units, up 14.2%
Buses 734 units, up 13.1%
October 2011 Automobile Export Figures by Type of Vehicle
Passenger cars 417,216 units (including 20,914 units for KD)
Up 45,327 units or 12.2%
Trucks 44,160 units (including 21,998 units for KD)
Up 8,172 units or 22.7%
Buses 10,646 units (including 1,187 units for KD)
Up 1,493 units or 16.3%