Automobile production in April 2012 was recorded as 799,474 units. Compared with the 292,044 units total recorded for the same month of the previous year, this is an increase of 507,430 units or 173.8%, and production increase on the same month of the previous year for seven consecutive months, the Japanese Automobile Manufacturers Association said.

Japan’s biggest car maker by volume, Toyota Motor Corp. (TM), reported that domestic production of Toyota brand soared for April more than five-fold to 275,761 vehicles from last year’s dismal 64,839 vehicles.

Domestic vehicle sales, meanwhile, climbed 93.7 percent to 359,631 vehicles while exports surged 219.2 percent to 402,389 vehicles, JAMA said.

Just after the quake the country experienced a low in auto production, but things are turning around and the car companies specifically, Toyota is regaining the position as the world’a number one automaker.

Japan’s economy was also hit by severe flooding in Thailand in late 2011, disrupting global supply chains and the production capability of Japanese manufacturers, particularly in electronics and automobiles.

However, total Japan’s industrial production rose less than forecast in April, underscoring concern Europe’s sovereign-debt crisis and and a stronger yen may limit the rebound in the world’s third-largest economy.
By contrast, production fell sharply in information and communication electronics equipment (-19.5%) and electronic parts and devices (-7.8%).


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