The automaker is best known for its range of minicars and is controlled by Toyota, the largest automaker in the world.

Daihatsu Motor opted to purchase an office in a nine-story building in the Nihonbashi business district after it decided to focus its internal affairs more on the nation’s largest metropolitan area.

According to Emi Yoshino, a spokeswoman for the Japan based company, Daihatsu is ready to move its 70 Tokyo employees from a rented office space to the new location, starting operations from there on October 14. The full purchase price was not disclosed, but the carmaker already owned a part of the building and decided to move out in 2010. Astellas Pharma Inc., a company which built a new headquarters in the same Nihonbashi neighborhood, had occupied the space so far.

Daihats is keeping its Japanese sales goal for the year at 660,000 vehicles, according to Hitoshi Horii, a senior managing executive officer in charge of domestic sales. That’s even as demand for minicars – a segment that reaches about 40% of the total auto market in Japan – has been deeply impacted by the government’s first increase of the consumption tax in 17 years. Daihatsu, with sales sliding five of the six months after the hike, still heads the segment’s sales, ahead of rival Suzuki.

Via Bloomberg


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