Japan Earthquake: Toyota stops the entire production image

Toyota Motor Co, the world’s largest automaker, said minutes ago to Reuters that it plans to suspend all production in Japan at least until March 16 following Friday’s massive earthquake in northeastern Japan.

The company worked furiously through the weekend to check the safety of its facilities and well-being of its employees, as well as sorting out the logistics of its world-wide supply chain to see how its plants outside of Japan could make up for any interruptions in manufacturing of parts and automobiles.

The auto maker will also help with the relief efforts by donating 300 million yen ($3.75 million) and is also ready to help ship goods and provide services.
The automaker said it closed all 12 factories in Japan through Wednesday, and its auto-body makers’ plants are closed today.

“Toyota’s number one priority is to support our team members at TMC, our partner companies, suppliers and dealers through this situation,” stated the car maker.

There have been no reported injuries at Toyota operations, including the Tokyo head office, the Higashifuji facility, Tochigi office, Yamanashi office, Toyota Motor Tohoku facilities and at TMC subsidiary vehicle manufacturers.

We will continue to provide updates as new information becomes available.

Photo credit: rockpakistani.com