Japan: fuel-cell cars to be subsidized by the government image

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has announced that his government is prepared to offer more than 2 million yen ($19,700) for each fuel-cell vehicle sold in the country. The subsidy is aimed at speeding up the introduction of the new vehicles.

The government’s initiative would fall in line with the usual system of supporting the introduction of electric cars. Meanwhile around the world lawmakers are shedding off part of the large acquisition cost, helping the introduction of battery electric cars. Abe toured a hydrogen station, test-drove a fuel-cell vehicle and on the sideline talked about the government’s intention to back the usage of such environmentally friendly automobiles.

“This is the car of a new era because it doesn’t emit any carbon dioxide and it’s environmentally friendly,” Abe told media. “The government needs to support this.”

The Prime Minister added that besides the customer subsidy, the growth strategy for such autos, including the use of hydrogen energy and fuel cell cars, would be further backed through government acquisitions.

Carmakers in Japan are now mulling the introduction of fuel cell models as an alternative to the already available battery electric cars, with Toyota’s new FCV, priced at around 7 million yen, coming down to about 5 million after the subsidy.

Via Bloomberg