Japan’s transport ministry advised Mitsubishi to speed up the recalls, the same day the automaker made another recall.

Japan’s transport ministry said that Mitsubishi delayed recalls for two years as it was looking for the cause of an oil-leak issue, which led to four recall series between 2010 and 2012, totaling 1.76 million vehicles. Mitsubishi’s image has been affected in 2000 in a recall-related scandal, after an anonymous source revealed that the company had been hiding customer complaints for more than 20 years.

“It became clear that Mitsubishi had problems in each of the steps related to vehicle recalls,” Takahiro Ikari, an official at the transport ministry, told a Mitsubishi Motors executive. “The company should come up with plans for improvement, implement them and report them to the ministry.”

In its investigation, the ministry found seven new problems linked to the 2010-2012 recalls, accusing the automaker for delaying dealing with problems reported by dealerships and elusive explanations offered to the ministry. Today, April 23rd, Mitsubishi announced it recalls 3,839 Outlander SUV plug-in hybrids in Japan due to an issue with the software which controls the front and rear drive motors. Production and shipments of this model was stopped last month because of another problem linked to overheating of a lithium-ion battery.

Source: Bloomberg


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