When they first appeared back in the day, the hot hatchbacks were just as slow as some powerful diesel models today, but definitely wilder in appearance than most of today’s examples.

They came with huge fender flares, big wings at the back, chunky wheels… and many more. Today, just look at the Golf R – you don’t see the quad exhaust out the back and you’ll think it’s a Golf GTD or something. That’s even while delivering about three times more power than an entry-level 1.2 TSI model. And we get it, German automakers have a tendency to be discreet (didn’t work out so well with the Dieselgate, right VW?) – but over in Japan things look vastly different.

Japan has love for the VW Golf R, with Lip Concept Vossen wheels 12

Today we have in front of us a model worked on by little known tuner Hamana. This one is a bit old-fashioned, because they like to play it like in the old days – cutting, welding, filling up and then getting extended fenders on almost every project they have. They must be a little renown though, since the resident Vossen Wheels traveler went there and snapped some photographs. With just 4,3 meters in length, extending the Golf R really looks dramatic. And that’s also courtesy of the Vossen Forged LC-105T wheels – a very special series, because they like to play with the lip concept of getting more metal to surpass the amount of rubber. Aside from the 20 inch wheels, the Golf R also got better brakes, an intake, exhaust system, and other performance tunes.


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