Honda has officially pulled the wraps off the FC-V Concept in Japan, ahead of the model’s production version which will be introduced in March, 2016.

In case you have missed the Honda FC-V Concept, we have some good news for you, as the model in question has been shown recently, as an evolution, on its local homeland, Japan, but a final production variant will be introduced in March, 2016, as the company is saying.

“Honda views hydrogen as a high-potential, next-generation energy carrier due to the fact that hydrogen can be generated from various energy sources and is easily transportable and storable”, says the carmaker in its official press release.

The new Honda FC-V Concept has a 70 MPa high pressure tank which is providing it to reach a maximum range of more than 700 km, or the equivalent of 435 miles and refilling it will take approximately 3 minutes, similar to your regular gasoline / diesel refill. Honda says that there will be a new external power feeding function which will be combinable with the external power feeding device which is transforming this FCV into a mobile power plant generating and providing electricity. This will be extremely useful in case of a disaster or an emergency.


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