Japan Imported Car Sales Up 16% in July image

Japan’s July sales of imported cars reached 24, 867 units, up 16.2%, the highest for this month since 1998.

According to data released Monday by the Japan Automobile Importers Association this is the highest July imported car sales figure since 1998, when sales hit 25,146 units. The impressive increase is due to robust domestic sales and the increased number of model covered by subsidies and tax cuts for customers of eco-friendly vehicles.

Sales of foreign auto makers were up 21.8% to 17,273 vehicles, with Nissan taking a 23.07% market share, becoming no.1 for the first time in six months. On the second place was Volkswagen with 8.16%, followed by Mercedes-Benz with 10.64%, BMW with 10.52% and Toyota with 7.36%, due to strong sales of the Avensis.

“The market for new vehicles has been strong throughout 2012 so far. The combination of continued vehicle replacement amongst fleet owners as well as increasing confidence amongst private buyers is pushing sales upwards. Vehicle sales are riding a strong tide of confidence that’s repeatedly delivering healthy results across almost every segment,” said Ian Stronach, Motor Trade Association spokesperson.