Japan: industry minister says Takata and automakers should handle local airbag recalls image

Japan’s industry minister recently commented that it’s Takata Corp and the automaker’s obligation to diligently handle the growing auto safety crisis that has led so far to the global recall of 19 million vehicles.

Since 2008 ten carmakers have issued worldwide safety campaigns to replace potentially defective Takata-produced airbag inflators. The part produced by the Japanese auto safety supplier is prone to humidity and time wear and tear, with the possibility to explode with too much force, spraying the interior of the cabin with metal parts flying at high velocity. “It is up to Takata and automakers to take the appropriate measures for domestic (recall) issues,” said Yoichi Miyazawa, minister of economy, trade and industry. He added that to his knowledge, the transport ministry – which in Japan also acts as the auto safety regulator – might decide to urge an investigative recall in Japan.

That follows the order from America’s NHTSA to expand a regionally localized airbag recall in the US – with Takata subsequently deciding not to comply. On the other hand, until the root cause of the problem is known (and Takata said they’re still in the dark about that), the Japanese regulator has no authority to initiate a recall.

Via Reuters