Japan: investors rally behind automakers again on growth predictions image

Toyota Motor Corp., the world’s largest automaker and the biggest company in the country, saw its shares up to 6,494 yen on September 19 as investors tout the highest figure in almost a year.

The carmaker’s approach to its 6,500 yen high level that has been touted numerous times over the past 16 months signals the investors confidence in Japanese companies, as predictions see the yen losing value against the dollar once more. You might remember that riding the currency drop, Toyota reported record earnings the past financial year.

“The reason Toyota shares have been bouncing back from the 6,400-6,500 ceiling is because the market has been skeptical,” comments Yasuo Sakuma, portfolio manager and executive officer in Tokyo at Bayview Asset Management Co. “However, with the yen at a six-year low, investors can’t avoid increasing Toyota in their portfolios. Toyota is a mirror of the Japanese market and its corporations. If it can repel skepticism, then the negative catalysts for the market as a whole may be exhausted.”

The Topix Core 30 companies, among them being Honda, Panasonic or Canon, sees the earnings per share index going up 7.2% in the next year or so, as the yen further dropped 4.5% this month to its lowest figure since August 2008 – when the famous Lehman Brothers Holdings was collapsing.

Via Bloomberg