Japan: July 2011 car registrations hit new low image

Japan’s domestic vehicles sales in June 2011 stood at 351,828 vehicles, down 21.6% as compared with the same month of the previous year, the Japan Automobile Dealers Association announced.

Sales of new vehicles, excluding 660cc minicars, in Japan fell 27.6 percent to 241,472 vehicles, with Toyota Motor Corp leading the decline. That’s the worst decline on record.

Honda was down 33 percent. Nissan, which was not as impacted by the natural disasters as the other two automakers, saw sales fall 18 percent.

“Looking at the trend from April onwards, the situation hasn’t changed much from June,” said Michiro Saito, general manager at the Japan Automobile Dealers Association.

Number of Automobiles Produced
Automobile production for the first half of calendar year 2011 (January 2011 – June 2011) was recorded as 3,429,934 units. Compared with the 4,843,770 units total recorded for the previous year, this is a decrease of 1,413,836 units or 29.2%.

1) Passenger cars: 2,925,187 units, down 1,264,964 units or 30.2%
Standard cars
(over 2000 cc)
1,726,857 units, down 678,467 units or 28.2%
Small cars 731,656 units, down 385,415 units or 34.5%
Mini car
(under 660 cc)
466,674 units, down 201,082 units or 30.1%
2) Trucks: 464,559 units, down 134,020 units or 22.4%
Standard truck vehicles 205,298 units, down 47,210 units or 18.7%
Small trucks 99,000 units, down 20,969 units or 17.5%
Mini trucks
(under 660 cc)
160,261 units, down 65,841 units or 29.1%
3) Buses: 40,188 units, down 14,852 units or 27.0%
Large buses 4,373 units, down 1,290 units or 22.8%
Small buses 35,815 units, down 13,562 units or 27.5%

Even if automakers are still facing allot of problems after the March deathly earthquake, the strong yen is the biggest uncertainty facing Japan’s economic recovery. The currency was at 77.41 per dollar at 6:04 p.m. in Tokyo, 7 percent higher than the 82.59 average exporters used in profit forecasts in a Bank of Japan survey released last month.