Japan: Limited edition Black and Yellow Fiat 500 unveiled image

Italian automaker Fiat announced today the launch of a special edition Black and Yellow Fiat 500 – specially designed for the Japanese market only.

Limited to only 50 exemplars, this special black and yellow 500 is available with either a fixed roof or the retracting canvas panel of the 500C. Power comes from the 1.2-liter eight-valve four-cylinder 69 hp engine, while the interior gets a yellow trim on the dash providing a visual split between the top and bottom of the cabin. Other than the special paint, the 500 Pop-Bi is just a normal 500.

Pricing for the hatchback comes in at 2,100,000 yen (equivalent to about $26k), which places it right in the middle of the Fiat Japan’s 1.2-liter 500 range.