Japan: Mazda Verisa got a facelift image

Mazda’s compact car for the Japanese market, the Verisa model, got a facelift, even though it wasn’t such a successful model since its introduction in 2004.

The facelifted Verisa is available in two variants, the Verisa C, which now features new Coral Brown fabric seats, brown in the middle and beige on the sides, and the Verisa L, that has new Cool Black leather seats and leather-wrapped steering wheel with black and sand-colored design

The Verisa now features a new instrument panel with blackout meters, automatic headlights and front rain sensing wipers, as well as water-repellent coating on the front door windows and mirrors, which are standard on the L version. Both variants now feature a fuel consumption gauge, which is showing the average fuel consumption, and an eco-lamp.

The second generation of the Verisa has been postponed by Mazda, as the manufacturer preferred to facelift the current version rather than build a new model, considering that only 20.000 units of the Verisa were sold on the Japanese market in 7 years.