Japan: Takata airbag explosion outside of recalls sees authorities weighing further recalls image

The Japanese authorities are hard at work – just like the NHTSA in the US – investigating the dangers of having a vehicle equipped with Takata-produced airbags.

Not long ago the officials conducting the probe announced that an airbag from Tokyo-based Takata Corp, built into a vehicle that is not included in the current recall campaigns around the world, exploded during a test. That could mean that automakers need to prepare to further recall new models and expand their original safety campaigns.

According to reports from eyewitnesses at the remote scrapyard in the central Gifu prefecture, the car – a Toyota subcompact – had the airbag explode with so much force that the windshield shattered and metal shards were sent everywhere inside the car – according to Akihiro Wakayama, a manager at the Chikamatsu Shokai Co. scrapyard. He added that the explosion was almost “like a gunshot” and was “two to three times” more powerful than usually. The Japanese transport ministry is currently researching the vehicle to find the root cause of the defect and initially didn’t reveal the model implicated – a 2003 Toyota WiLL Cypha – a vehicle that has not been recalled so far in relation to the Takata airbag defects.

Via Bloomberg