Japan Tested for the First Time Its 311mph Bullet Train image

Japan has tested for the first time its ’floating’ trains, which travel at speeds as high as 311mph.

Japan’s new generation L0 Series trains feature the latest magnetic levitation technology, which replaces the conventional wheels. The trains of the future have been tested today for the first time and they are expected to hit the market sometime in 2027. The first five cars of the highly-technological train have been displayed on a test track in Yamanashi Prefecture.

The carriages, propelled by magnetic forces, were pulled by special maintenance vehicles along the track. The wide-scale tests are to begin in September. The train is designed by Central Japan Railway and it will connect central Tokyo to Nagoya station, reducing the current travel time from 90 minutes to only 40. The final train will have 16 carriages and will be able to transport 1,000 passengers at a time.

Japan presented its first bullet train in 1964, known as “shinkansen”. Since then the nation has perfected the technology creating the most sophisticated rail network system in the world, already having bullet trains which travel at speeds of 199mph. Japan continue to heavily invest in this technology to keep the first place in rail engineering.

Source: telegraph.co.uk