In February, Japanese production of passenger cars, commercial vehicles and buses fell by 5.5% year-on-year to 795, 632 units.

Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) reported that the domestic sales declined 12.4 percent annually to 401,292 units, while there was a 13.8 percent slump in car sales alone. This is the fifth consecutive decline, as the expiry of government purchasing subsidies in September continued to depress auto demand.

“Almost all (auto) plants have suspended production,” a JAMA official said. “We are uncertain to what extent production would plunge and for how long.”

Vehicle production in the country is likely to fall sharply in March, as Japanesecar makers struggle with parts shortages and other disruptions after the massive earthquake on March 11.
On the other hand, exports climbed 13.2 percent from a year earlier with a total of 431,582 vehicles shipped during the month. Exports recorded an increase for a fourteen consecutive month. Total value of automobiles exported during February was 19.8 percent higher than last year.


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