Japanese automakers reported big sales gains in the US in July.

Toyota reported US sales up 17.3% to 193,394 vehicles, Honda increased 20.9% to 141,439 units, including 32,000 Civic units, a new record for the month. Nissan’s U.S. sales chief Fred Diaz said that in July traffic in the automaker’s dealerships was robust, shoppers in a mood to buy and consumer sentiment strong.

Nissan’s sales in the US last month were up 10.9% to 109,041 units, a new July record for the automaker. Mazda reported sales in the region up 29.4% to 24,977 units, Subaru increased 43% to 35,994 units, while Toyota almost outsold Ford, trailing the US automaker by only several hundred vehicles. Ford’s July sales increased 11.4% to 193,715 units, hurt by the lack of inventory for several of its most popular models.

“Once inventory improves for Ford, we’ll start to see improved sales from not only their small vehicles and large trucks, but growth in the midsize and crossover vehicles,” said Alec Gutierrez, an analyst at Kelley Blue Book.

GM sold 234,071 units up 16%, with its truck sales up 51%, thanks to a revive in construction and housing industries. Chrysler’s sales increased 11% to 140,102 units.

Source: latimes.com


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