Japanese automakers also focusing on digital maps image

The Japanese automakers Toyota and Nissan will work together on developing digital intelligent maps, a crucial component of the self-driving tech, by 2018.

High-precision intelligent maps are a crucial component of mobility in the future, as self-driving cars are relying on this data to find their own way through traffic. This is the reason behind Volkswagen’s Audi, Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz and BMW’s decision to jointly buy Nokia’s digital mapping and location business HERE. As the development of autonomous technologies intensifies, increasingly more automakers are trying to find ways to boost their know-how in this field. Two Japanese auto giants, Toyota and Nissan, are going to partner up for a common goal, as they plan to work together on making standardized intelligent maps, the local Nikkei daily reported. The companies will also receive help from the Japanese government to reach their targets.

Toyota has to take many steps ahead of its local rivals on the development of self-driving cars. The world’s biggest automaker has just announced the opening of its third high-tech lab in the United States to research artificial intelligence, robotics and materials science. But automakers are not the only ones looking towards digital maps, as Amazon and Microsoft are reportedly in talks about taking a minority stake in HERE. And there are also suppliers such as Continental, Bosh or Autoliv that are heavy investing in self-driving technologies to boost their businesses and to prepare to meet the demand for smart parts such as sensors.

Via Reuters