Japanese Automakers’ Sales Still Affected by China Protests image

Sales for the Japanese automakers have been affected for the second month after the mid-September violent protests in China.

Although passenger-car sales have increased 6.4% in China last month to 1.3 million, Japanese auto sales have dropped 38% to 98, 900 vehicles, the first time since 2009 when Japanese brands sales have fallen under 100,000 units. The automakers’ share of the market has also declined from 13% in September to 7.6% in October.

In September, Japanese automakers’ sales have dropped sharply due to the violent protests in China which started after Japan purchased the group of uninhabited islands in the East China Sea. Last month Toyota’s sales in China dropped 44% and Nissan’s sales fell 41%, compared with the same period last year.

On the other hand, US and European automakers saw an increase in sales last month in China, with German-branded sedans increasing 27% from 24% in September. Overseas automakers such as GM and Ford, reported record sales in September, with GM up 1.7% to 244,266 units and Ford up 35% to 59,570 vehicles sold in China. Korean automaker Hyundai and Kia also reported increased sales with 9.5% to a combined 127,827 vehicles, and Audi’s sales jumped 20%.