Japanese Automakers Saw China Output Up in April image

Japanese automakers have seen output in China going up last month, the first monthly increase since the beginning of the territorial dispute.

Nissan’s production in China went up 7.1% to 106, 797 units in April, Toyota increased 8.7% and Honda jumped 5.9%. The car makers are also introducing new models in the market, trying to make up for the lost ground to German and Korean automakers after sales were drastically affected by the territorial dispute.

“The companies will be rolling out new models, and with the anti-Japan sentiment gradually easing, I think you can expect the recovery to continue in the coming months,” Issei Takahashi, a Tokyo-based auto analyst at Credit Suisse AG said. “Still, when you compare their sales level to the industry’s growth or to their original plans, they are still only part-way in their recovery.”

Nissan expects a 16% sales increase in China this year and Toyota said that it hopes to fully recover before winter. Last month Nissan’s sales in China were up 3.2% to 103,300 units, thanks to increased demand for the Sylphy and Teana models, Toyota dropped 6.5% to 76,000 and Honda fell 2.4% to 60,605 vehicles.

Source: Bloomberg