Japan’s automakers to provide financial aid for electric vehicle charging infrastructure image

Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Mitsubishi have agreed on the details of specific financial assistance they will provide to installers of charging stations for electric vehicles in Japan.

This announcement follows the agreement the four companies announced on July 29, 2013 to jointly promote the construction of a user-friendly network of charging infrastructures. They have also announced that applications from installers for financial assistance will be accepted starting today.

By assisting installers with the part of their costs not covered by government subsidies, the four companies are aiming to promote wider availability of chargers to make electric vehicle use more convenient.

The program announced today targets charging facilities recognized to have high public value under the subsidy utilization plans drawn up by local governments. Financial assistance will be made available to those businesses and operations that satisfy certain conditions, such as destination charging spots at commercial facilities and lodging facilities, as well as en-route charging spots at service areas and toll-road parking areas, convenience stores on regular roads, and service stations.

By the spring of 2014 the four companies also plan to establish a management organization that will set up and manage a membership-based charging service. This independent scheme is intended to assist electric vehicle users and support the charging infrastructure to further develop and expand it in Japan.