If you’re just a little bit familiar with the aftermarket scene, you might have heard of those crazed Japanese from Liberty Walk – which like to have extremes taken to whole new dimensions.

If you’re one of the proud owners of the McLaren 650S and feel you don’t stand out enough in a crowd – there’s a solution – though it’s certainly not for the faint hearted. That’s because Liberty Walk doesn’t just treat your car like any other tuner, it actually dials the entire design to 11. The aftermarket specialist is well known for its exaggerated works – which use wide body kits to make supercars look like Looney Tunes incarnations. For the McLaren coupe we see the same thing all over again – with the company claiming the new body kit makes the car look the part next to the GT3 racer and we saying the latter might actually be the more subtle model. The extensive work included huge fenders, new bumper and diffuser at the front with large mesh grilles, wider side sills while at the back there’s a new design complimented by the diffuser and wing.

The exaggerated looks come with a matching price, the set with all parts in fiber-reinforced plastic will cost $33,930 (26,150 pounds) or $37,825 (29,150 pounds) when using carbon fiber-reinforced plastic. The carbon fiber kit will set you back $42,283 (32,600 pounds), adding also a dry carbon rear wing.

Japan’s extreme Liberty Walk tuning kit also available for the McLaren 650S 1


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