Japan’s Tokyo Motor Show rekindling fame of innovation driver image

The Japanese auto show has fallen off the radar in recent years after the global crisis hit at the end of the past decade, but its reputation for futuristic driver of innovation is going to be rekindled this year.

Connectivity, driverless cars and alternative powertrains are among the main areas of interest and on display during the days of the auto show, which has media access on October 28-29 and public access starting with October 30. Thus, we should expect an avalanche of environmentally friendly, sporty and choke full of tech feature concepts. And to signal the auto show’s rebounding importance, foreign brands are returning to the tradition of showcasing global production model introductions. Among the key debuts we could mention the BMW M4 GTS coupe, the Porsche 911 or the Toyota Prius. And when it comes to concepts, the Japanese are shining again with a flurry of interesting, crazy or odd conceptions.

Daihatsu for example comes with two minitruck concepts, a hatchback design exercise with rotating seats, suicide doors and a missing B-pillar. Honda is coming with the yet unnamed fuel cell prototype vehicle that will soon fend off against the Toyota Mirai already on sale around the world, albeit in limited production form. Lexus is also hinting it would bring a completely new prototype but has remained utterly mysterious – reports are jumping with joy at the idea of having a fuel cell luxury concept. Mazda is also preparing a successor concept for the now retired RX-8 sports car and Mercedes-Benz is also not keen on sharing details about the global premiere of a new concept. Meanwhile, Mitsubishi is set to continue its brand design revolution brought by the Dynamic Shield language with the eX Concept that mates the highly successful crossover segment to the green promise of electric driving. Nissan meanwhile showcases its connectivity advancements with the Teatro for Dayz concept anticipating an ultraconnected, digital-era of motoring. Toyota is also pushing a renewed drive towards sportiness – besides the green credo – with the production-ready looking two-door S-FR sporty coupe.

Via Automotive News