Jay Leno to return to our TVs, ready to host car show image

Well-known car aficionado and former host of NBC’s “Tonight Show” for more than 20 years, has decided to come out of retirement to combine work and passion.

The renowned comedian has accepted the challenge (which is not very big, since he’s a walking and talking car encyclopedia) to host a car related series on the cable network CNBC from 2015.

The television has announced that Leno’s show is tentatively titled “Jay Leno’s Garage”, with a focus on “the car collector’s market, including best investments and valuations in the space.” Leno is a bit more accurate, claiming the series would “be about anything that rolls, explodes, and makes noise,” – so we’re sure to see some great feats of the automobile world and the men and women that made all possible.

Since the title name says it all, the new car show would be based on Leno’s well-known Emmy Award-winning Web series, an achievement by itself – having north of 1 million subscribers on Google’s YouTube and 105 million lifetime views (and counting).

The show has been previewed already by the comedian’s one-hour special, “Jay Leno’s Garage: the Ultimate Car Week,” which was hosted by CNBC back in August – his first TV appearance since he left the “Tonight Show.”