JD Power puts Lexus and Porsche image

The annual Vehicle Dependability Study has come out and there are no surprises – Lexus and Porsche adorn the top positions once more for the current, 2017 model year.

This is the sixth consecutive year for Toyota’s premium division when it secures the top position on J.D. Power’s annual Vehicle Dependability Study, and the second in a row for Porsche taking the sweet second spot. In the top five we also found Toyota, Buick and Mercedes-Benz – while Hyundai (number 6), BMW (number 7), and Jaguar (number 10) have reached the top ten for the first time. The ones making room for the new entries are GMC, Acura, Ram and Lincoln. According to the study there was an average of 156 problems per 100 vehicles – surging four issues compared to 2016.

JD Power puts Lexus and Porsche 2

The new problems – unsurprisingly – were accounted in the audio, communication, entertainment, and navigation system departments, with J.D. Power saying they combine for a total of 22 percent of all problems. “These things are getting better, but it’s being offset by all the technology that’s being stuffed into our cars now,” comments Dave Sargent, vice president of global automotive. The shame roster includes Fiat, Jeep, and Infiniti – with 298, 209, and 203, per 100 vehicles, respectively. There were also surprise brands that went below the industry average – such as Subaru or Volkswagen.