Hollywood movie star Jean-Claude Van Damme narrowly avoided injury after driving his car into a canal in his native Belgium.

Then he tried to show off his strength by hauling the half-sunken vehicle out on his own.

His efforts were ineffective, so he eventually asked two security staff at the nightspot to help him.

“He’d had a drink, but wasn’t drunk,” a spokesman for the disco told British newspaper The Sun.
The incident apparently affected Jean-Claude’s mood.

Van Damme is said to have caused the crash by accidentally putting the car into first gear instead of reverse.

Once he’d salvaged his car, he apparently accused fellow party-goers of stealing from him. He insisted people had tried to take his mobile phone and wallet. The star eventually disappeared into the night in the sodden vehicle.

Earlier this month, Double Impact was re-released on DVD, 20 years after it first hit cinemas.

In the movie, van Damme plays twins Alex and Chad Wagner, who are separated when their parents are killed by a gang, then reunite years later to take down the perpetrators.



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