Jeep recall drags on – could it turn into a new GM scandal? image

Chrysler made the news 10 months ago when it finally decided to agree to recall 1.56 million Jeeps, after first refusing the NHTSA order. And now, it’s still dragging the proceeds.

Jeep’s recall is also quite similar to GM’s ignition switch defect – both being dragged by the companies and both linked to fatal accidents. The Jeep recall involves Grand Cherokee and Liberty models, which present a fire risk if a rear-end collisions occurs.

“Launching a safety recall demands complex engineering and close collaboration with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration well before we accumulate replacement parts,” Chrysler said in a statement. “Chrysler Group takes seriously its commitment to customer safety.”

“Regardless of whether a trailer hitch is a miracle solution or not there is no reasonable explanation,” for the time it is taking Chrysler to complete the recall, said Clarence Ditlow, executive director for the Center for Auto Safety. “They announced the recall last June and it is now in April?”

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration first investigated the models in 2009 and Chrysler only started the recall four years later after initially refusing the federal agency’s request by saying he SUVs “do not contain a defect.” In January the NHTSA agreed to the proposal of installing trailer hitches on the models in question – the Grand Cherokee from 1993-98 and Liberty from 2002-07 – although safety advocates declared dissatisfied with the answer.