Jeep will produce a crossover to rival the Mini Countryman image

The Jeep automaker is planning a B-segment crossover in order to challenge directly BMW’s Mini Countryman.

The Countryman’s success in Europe could soon be shared by Jeep, who will produce a crossover under the “SS” name, which could stand for “super small” or “super sport”.

Being close to the Mini Countryman’s dimensions, the Jeep SS will be based on a Fiat-sourced platform, like the Patriot and the Compass.

The car manufacturer has two ideas for the design of the new SS, a boxy design, similar to the Wrangler, or a rounder one, closer to the Countryman’s shape.

The new Jeep SS will probably be powered by the same engine as the Fiat 500, a 1.4 liter four-cylinder, which currently produces 101 HP. The engine could get a turbocharger which will boost its power to over 150 HP.

Customers of the future Jeep SS model will choose between a four-wheel drive system or a front-wheel drive and will be able to buy the SS most probably in the second part of 2013.