Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JK-8 kit pricing announced image

Mopar has announced the princing for the Jeep Wrangler JK-8 kit, 5.499 US dollars.

Coming with a three-year or 36.000 miles warranty, the new kit for Wranglers features a spacious 44-inch by 50-inch steel bed, sport bar extentions, removable fiberglass hardtop with a small rear window, Freemdom Panel assemblies, a fiberglass bulkhead and two fixed side windows.

Owners of a Jeep Wrangler, who always wanted a pick-up truck, can now turn their car into one for 5.499 dollars, the price of the JK-8 kit from Mopar.

According to Mopar, the process involving the converision form a four-door Wrangler to a two-door pickup truck has two main steps and it is pretty easy.

The first step includes the disassembly of the rear doors, rear bumper, hard top and Freedom Panels, along with a rear portion of the interior like seats and carpeting. After this, the owner can remove the exterior trim parts, inner and outer body panels and the cutting of the rear sport bar along with removing the B-pillars.

The second step is actually the assembly of the JK-8 kit, which begins with the installation of the B-pillars, floor-pan, cross member, inner and outer quarter panels. After this, future kit customers will have to install the bulkhead reinforcement assembly and the sport bar extensions, followed by the fiberglass bulkhead. After the kit is prepared for painting and when your Wrangler will get that shiny colour, you can install the windows to the hard top, which is then added to the car, along with exterior trim parts.

Don’t forget to save some money for the paint job and beer for friends who will help you.