Jeep’s Crew Chief concept will serve as preview for the eagerly-anticipated pickup image

According to the company’s design boss, the Crew Chief Concept that was presented during the Moab Easter Jeep Safari is actually serving dual purposes – the most important one being the fact that it’s hinting at the appearance f the brand’s much-awaited pickup truck.

While commenting on the sidelines of the Easter Jeep concepts, Mark Allen has tipped that those prototypes deliver small “hints about what’s going on behind the scenes.” Of course from there on it was all mystery and vague statements, but he did note “There may be things you see on the Crew Chief that you might see on that truck.” The most important real world hint that may be used from now by the rumor mill when it speculates about the company’s pickup truck is that the Crew Chief is a crew cab pickup and this is the first time the company ever does one. This could be a strong hint towards the upcoming production model at least also adopting this body style (it may be joined by short versions as well) – meaning it could be based off the next generation Wrangler Unlimited and come as a crew cab model.

Other details include the fact that Jeep’s stamped tailgate – which has been a trademark of previous models – will not be used on the upcoming model because Allen said these are “fraught with quality issues” and the company would have to throw many away before getting it right. Of course we’re also not going to see Crew Chief’s military retro inspiration – as the concept was designed to pay homage to previous military Jeeps such as the Kaiser M715.

Via Outside