Jenson Button was almost run over by a forklift truck in Monaco image

Jenson Button escaped serious injury on Wednesday after narrowly avoiding being hit by a forklift truck during preparations for Sunday’s Monaco Grand Prix.

There is always an atmosphere of genteel chaos in the principality during race week. Space is tight not only on the narrow streets that make up the circuit but also in the areas used by the teams to set up their motorhomes.

The 2009 World Champion was talking to crew members on the track when he spotted a forklift reversing dangerously in his direction, but thankfully had the presence of mind to get out of harm’s way before disaster struck.

“I was looking but he wasn’t as he was reversing,” said the McLaren driver on Wednesday afternoon.

“It makes it a bit dangerous. Maybe we should be wearing hard hats,” he added.

It is believed the preparations were affected by the truck fire at Ste-Devote, but Button thinks F1’s blue-riband event should not be in such a rush.
After his near-accident Button, who won here in 2009, called for a two-week break between the Barcelona and Monaco events.

“It is very busy out there and we are running through a lot of fans and walking through areas not built yet.

“I would prefer it not to be back to back. I love this race and would love it if we could arrive on a Wednesday and it looked as beautiful as it does at every other race. It doesn’t, yet, and because it is such a special event we should have a good space before the race.

Also amid the chaos, the FIA announced that Alain Prost would be the driver steward this weekend. In fact, the official on duty will be former Toyota driver Allan McNish.

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