Jeremy Clarkson: “Britain is a nation of 62 million complete and utter b******s” image

The famous Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has upset most of his fans again after he said that Britain is “a nation of 62 million complete and utter b******s.

Last month (July, 2012), Jeremy Clarkson said on his twitter account that his dog just died. It wasn’t an attempt to beg the compassion of his fans but a calculated experiment to determine the psychological profile of British people. The conclusion drawn was a simple one: “They are b******s”.

“My dog just died”, twitted Jeremy Clarkson a month ago and the answers kept coming: “A man called Ryan Paisey asked “How does she smell?”, Phil May wanted to know if it was James May’s fault, Adam Farrow said that this news was “kinda funny” and Tom Green said: “Good”.

“Britain is a nation of 62 million complete and utter b******s. We’re the country that invented the concentration camp and international slavery”, said Jeremy Clarkson.

The Top Gear presenter also accused the British of being jealous on other people after he tested the Ferrari 458 Spider and saw their reaction.

“Last week I tested the amazing Ferrari 458 Spider and I couldn’t have been more hated even if would have walked around the mall dressed in an SS uniform with a Ku Klux Klan hood on my head trying to abduct children. Outwardly, we hated communist Russia but inwardly it’s what 95 percent of the country wants.”