Jeremy Clarkson has recently went for a spin in the brand new Toyota GT 86 in Top Gear’s Season 19, Episode 3, which recently aired on BBC2.

Jezza is probably the most famous automotive journalist in the world and with money and fame comes the attitude. Clarkson is a hard man to please and this is mostly known by the automakers which receive his comments on cars he’s driving. But not even such an “impossible” man like Clarkson can’t say anything bad about the Toyota GT 86, just like every automotive journalists out there who have went for a spin in the Japanese sports car.

If you have already seen Top Gear Season 19 Episode 3, tell us what you think about Clarkson’s review on the Toyota GT 86, if not, you can watch it here. The Toyota GT 86 is coming with a 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine made by Subaru and fitted with the company’s D-4S direct injection technology. The total output produced stands at 187 HP (7,000 rpm) and 205 Nm of torque (151 lb-ft), available at 6,600 rpm. Power is being sent to the rear-wheel drive through a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic transmission. In Europe, prices for the Toyota GT 86 start at just under 30,000 euros.


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