Jeremy Clarkson has UK’s worst celebrity teeth image

Looks like Jeremy Clarkson has just got a new award; Clarkson has been voted the celebrity with the worst teeth in the UK, after a poll was carried out to discover which famous face had the most discolored teeth.

Next worst were BBC politics presenter Andrew Marr, QI presenter Stephen Fry and actress Helena Bonham Carter according to LoveLite, a specialist teeth whitening and cosmetic dental surgery firm.

In U.S. for example, having bad teeth is associated with being extremely poor, but that’s not the case here, simply because Clarkson is the highest-paid BBC star, earning more than £3m in the year to March 2012. Moreover, Clarkson just received more than £10m for his share of Bedder 6.
BBC Worldwide held a 50 percent stake in Bedder 6, a joint venture between Clarkson and Wilman which controlled the commercial rights to Top Gear, while Clarkson and Wilman shared the remaining 50 percent stake.

Anyway, moving back to teeth, looks like many women believe that brown or yellow teeth are the biggest turn off when it comes to making an impression on a first date.

Top five celebrities with bad teeth in UK:
1. Jeremy Clarkson
2. Andrew Marr
3. Stephen Fry
4. Helena Bonham Carter
5. Matt Lucas
Celebrities with worst cosmetic teeth are:
1. Simon Cowell
2. Joey Essex
3. Katie Price
4. Chloe Sims
5. Jodie Marsh (ANI)

  • Tina Noda

    He should see a dentist soon if he wants his teeth to look better. He is a celebrity and he can afford it but it looks like he doesn’t care about his teeth. Are there any media reporters who have asked about the condition of his teeth?

  • paureed89

    I don’t understand why he doesn’t want to fix his teeth …