Jeremy Clarkson Toys With the Idea of Running for UK Parliament image

According to a Twitter post, Jeremy Clarkson considers running at the UK’s Parliament.

The tweet posted by the outspoken host of Top Gear has already been retweeted over 4,400 times, but since the original tweet went up Clarkson has not made any other allusions to his interest in politics, so we could assume that this was only an idle banter.

Still, the idea of Clarkson running in the UK’s Parliament has sparkled some controversy. Doncaster North, which is located in southern Yorkshire, is currently represented by Ed Miliband, the leader of the liberal Labour Party. Assuming Miliband would lose his position to Clarkson, would be similar to Nancy Pelosi losing her seat in Congress to an ornery Jay Leno.

Clarkson is well known for its bluntness and disregard for the political decorum, as he once called Gordon Brown, the former prime minister, a “one-eyed Scottish idiot”. Clarkson has never been afraid of expressing his political views in his regular newspaper columns or on Top Gear. Ironically, he already has at least one petition started for him for the position of UK’s Prime Minister.

“I’m thinking I might stand in the next election as an independent for Doncaster North, which is where I’m from. Thoughts?” tweeted Jeremy Clarkson.