Jesse’s Toyota Seen on ‘Breaking Bad’ For Sale image

Aaron Paul’s character Jesse Pinkman from the ‘Breaking Bad’ show will sell his crappy 1984 Toyota Tercel at a dealership in New Mexico.

TMZ spottet Pinkman’s vehicle at Mike Faris Auto Wholesale in Albuquerque, New Mexico, market with ‘NEW CARS FOR SALE – March 2013′. Although a sane person wouldn’t pay more than $500 for the junk, it is going to fetch a lot more only for being used in the production of the show. There is also a sign on the car’s windshield which says “Jesse’s car as seen on ‘Breaking Bad’ … Make offer.”

Mike Faris said that Sony Pictures Television forbade him to sell the vehicle until the final Breaking Bad episode airs this summer. Even if people are already making offers, they will have to wait a little longer to get their hands on this beauty. Mike said he couldn’t bet his life that the vehicle he is selling appears on screen, as producers shot many versions of the same car, but it was used in production for sure. He added that he plans to sell the vehicle in which Mike Ehrmantraut was killed during the last season.