Do you recall the spherical personal mobility flying car that popular cartoon “The Jetsons” envisioned? Well, thanks to designer Eduardo Galvani, the groovy contraption is now a step closer to reality.

His design – named the Fly Citycopter, should be one of the methods of choice for people in the future to move from one city to another – so goodbye bus or personal car. He notes that his project is envisioned as a way to spur the transportation industry into developing more sustainable means of transportation.

“The pollution caused by CO2 emission is making the urban atmosphere worse each time,” he says.” In Beijing, giant LCD panels were used to show a virtual sunset to pedestrians, as the city has evolved in a very dense and polluted atmosphere hiding the natural horizon.”

His personal helicopters project is seen using fans and electric engines, with the vehicle limiting the creation of new pollutants. While moving at a low altitude, its fans would also help by blowing the air and spreading the chemical waste generated by the cars and other vehicles on the roads. Electrical power would also be renewable – coming from solar panels, thus addressing the issue that today most of our electrical power comes from big pollutants – like coal burning stations.


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