JLR agrees pay rise for its UK employees, plants’ future secured until 2022 image

Jaguar Land Rover has agreed a new pay deal with unions that guarantees the future of JLR’s three UK plants until at least 2022.

According to Financial Times, representatives of the Unite trade union voted unanimously on Monday to recommend the two-year agreement to its members to vote on it.

The deal came after tough negotiations with management at JLR, which is owned by India’s Tata Motors and has 21,000 employees. According to the union, under the proposed deal workers would be given a 4.5 percent pay rise plus 500 pounds from November 1. There will also be a further rise of 3 percent in November 2013.

Unite also said that 2,400 agency workers at JLR would become permanent employees, a decision which it described as “another very welcome boost to manufacturing employment in the UK”. Unions in the United Kingdom have been pushing for a greater share in the success of JLR, which has reported nearly £3 billion of profit over the past two years.

Unite, which represents about 17,000 members of JLR’s workforce, last month called for equal terms for all of JLR’s workers and legally binding guarantees of its UK plants’ future into the coming decade. The union had been concerned that Tata would move manufacturing overseas, to follow JLR’s growing overseas sales.

  • shivaji_m

    congratulations to the mngmt & lbr union. Now the challenge is for constant endeavour on all possible cost reduction options implementation from various world wide sources to maintain it's profitability.