JLR and its Trade Union Try to Reach Agreement image

Jaguar Land Rover’s trade union requests equal pay terms for all employees and a pledge that it will not close any of its three UK plants.

The trade union is aware of the fact that the UK jobs have already reached a descending path and that automakers begin to focus on other markets, other than the UK, where demand is surging. Tony Woodley, Unite’s executive officer announced that the union and JLR’s management are negotiating the terms of the new 2-year contract.

“We want to make sure the boom that is so good for manufacturing today by the year 2018 hasn’t disappeared along with all the British jobs,” he said.

JLR, which is owned by Tata Motors, plans to build a plant in China and assemble cars from kits in Brazil. The automaker already manufactures the Land Rover Freelander in India and the company recently announced its plans to build a new facility in Saudi Arabia.

The union tries to reach an agreement like that between GM and its employees, after the automaker agreed not to close the Vauxhall facility by 2020 in exchange for wage restraint and other sacrifices. The trade union also requires the automaker making permanent the 5,000 workers on temporary contracts and offer them equal pay terms as the other employees.