JLR Classic Drive is a mind-blowing fest for vintage car fans image

The British group has become a specialist of quirky records but fans love the brands also due to the incredible heritage – just think about the Jaguar E-Type, XK150 or the Land Rover Series I.

And as it turns out, the classic car fans need to freak out right now and delve into their bank accounts because Jaguar Land Rover has recently introduced a new drive experience – with a twist, because you can drive there all those aforementioned marvelous heritage cars and more. It’s fittingly organized at the Eastnor Castle, in Herefordshire, the United Kingdom, and the Classic Drive event is bundled with historic cars. From Land Rover visitors can play with famous AWDs such as the early Series I, a Series III, and a Range Rover Classic.

JLR Classic Drive is a mind-blowing fest for vintage car fans 2

Move over to Jaguar’s stable and you’ll find the XK150 of the late 1950s, the world-famous E-Type and the Mk2 that became renowned thanks to TV’s Inspector Morse. The entire deal – a mere £495 – and the experience includes drives in and around the Eastnor Castle estate, where Land Rover also plays with its own modern off-roaders and also offers the Land Rover Experience driving days, which have to do with the current model range and dirty, gritty tracks. The company is actually so confident in the heritage Land Rover models that it includes drives on those off-road courses. “Jaguar and Land Rover have created some of the most beautiful and iconic British cars ever. While their DNA lives on in our modern line-up, we want people to experience where the story developed,” commented Tim Hannig, director of Jaguar Land Rover Classic.