JLR, Ford and Tata back 20 million pounds autonomous/connected project in the UK image

The three automakers have decided to join the £20 million Autodrive initiative that aims to develop autonomous and connected car technologies – one of the many projects supported by the UK authorities as of late.

Jaguar Land Rover, Ford and Tata have presented new autonomous technologies developed as part of the government-backed Autodrive initiative. The trio has developed new technologies that will enter public trials in Coventry and Milton Keynes by the end of 2018. Among them is a Ford vehicle system – dubbed Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory – that “talks” to the infrastructure such as traffic lights to advise the driver, or the car, which speed should be used to “catch” the green lights. If the red light is still unavoidable, the driver will be notified how long the wait for the green light will last.

JLR’s technologies include the semi autonomous Advanced Highway Assist – complete autonomous driving on the highway with overtaking abilities. Or the Electronic Emergency Brake Light Assist, which acts as an aid to the autonomous emergency braking by warning the driver how hard the vehicle in front has braked – especially useful in instances when the car in front is hard to see. UK Autodrive is a group that aims to set the country as a hub for autonomous vehicle development and encourage the integration of connected and autonomous technologies into production cars.