The British based automaker Jaguar Land Rover is planning to introduce a new Special Operations division which will have the tough job of customizing models.

After creating a new rival for the BMW 3-Series, for the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and for the Audi A4, the upcoming XE, Jaguar Land Rover has decided to introduce its very own response to Mercedes-Benz’s AMG, to BMW’s M and to Audi’s RS. We are talking about the so-called Special Operations (SO) division which will have the tough job of customizing and making some of the company’s vehicles more powerful and menacing.

“As a business, we are completely focused on enhancing and personalizing the relationship our most discerning and enthusiastic customers have with our brands. By creating a Special Operations division we can harness the very best talent and expertise Jaguar Land Rover has – to deliver exceptional products and services our customers will love for life”, said the JLR Special Operations director, John Edwards.

The announcement has been officially made by the car manufacturer which has announced that the new division will be specializing in creating ultra luxury and high performance models. The Special Operations division will not stop here as it will also create some limited edition collector cars and halo vehicles. This will also service and restore classic vehicles made by Jaguar and Land Rover. Models which will come from SO will sit above the current R-S.


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