John Force introduces first drag strip monster based on the 2016 Camaro SS image

This is the first iteration of the sixth generation Camaro for the drag strip and while it’s named the Funny Car body there’s actually nothing funny when you’re strapped in a rocket that will sprint to 330 mph in four seconds thanks to its 10, 000 bhp.

John Force is a 16-time NHRA champion and the first time the new 2016 Camaro SS Funny Car will hit the track is during this weekend’s NHRA Kansas Nationals, in Topeka, Kansas. Dorothy should use this one for a trip back to the land of OZ – or scientists could try looking into the possibilities of time-travel. But here are the placid words of the man at the wheel: “With all the assistance from Chevrolet, it not only looks great, it’s designed to perform better than anything we’ve had before, with a shape that should help us get down the track quicker and with greater stability.” Yep, that kinda nails the sensations you get when teleported to 330 mph in four seconds. Want to hear more geek talk? The team says they conducted computational analysis and scale-model wind tunnel testing for airflow management qualities needed to make that bonanza happen in a mere 1,000 feet.

John Force introduces first drag strip monster based on the 2016 Camaro SS 4

Who cares about that – we’re going to stay up on the Internet all day long to find the first footage with the monster blowing up the competition (hopefully not itself in the process as well). Safety was also among the focuses, as besides the unique aerodynamic elements such as the new, integrated front splitter there are also new, dual blow-out – or “burst” – panels. These are devices designed to relieve underbody pressure to help keep the body on the chassis in the event of an engine failure. And underneath all that aero madness Chevrolet even tells us there are signature elements from the 2016 Camaro SS.