John Travolta’s stolen Mercedes recovered in pieces image

A classic Mercedes-Benz stolen from actor John Travolta has been recovered in pieces and two men have been arrested, police said on Wednesday.

During the investigation, Santa Monica police detectives obtained video footage of the vehicle and the suspects as it was being stolen from the 1400 block of Berkeley Street.
In addition, detectives received several valuable tips from the public after he initial information was released to the public through the media.

Michael Green, 58, and DL Rayford, 52, were taken arrested in December but only publicised on Wednesday to avoid tipping off accomplices.

The men allegedly were involved in a sophisticated auto-theft ring that targeted older-model Mercedes and muscle cars. Detectives shut down the ring, and recovered Travolta’s Mercedes and seven other stolen vehicles.

Green is charged with two counts of grand theft auto — involving Travolta’s vehicle and another Mercedes-Benz — and is set to appear Feb. 8 at the Airport Branch Courthouse.
Rayford pleaded no contest to one count of grand theft auto and was sentenced Jan. 5 to 16 months in state prison, Robison said.

Travolta is an avid car collector, in addition to being a bona fide aviator. His array of vehicles includes a Rolls-Royce and a Jaguar XJ6, but he once told The (London) Times that he counts his classic Thunderbirds among his favorites.

Travolta estimated the car’s value at $35,000 dollars, but Lewis said he thought it could be worth more because it was a vintage model.

[Update]: Looks like that precious SL might not be stayin’ alive. Authorities say it was actually found in pieces, according to City News Service.