Johnson Controls chief wants 5 kgs cut from car seats weight image

JCI is trying to help automakers meet tougher CO2 regulations by making one of its core products – seats – as light as possible.

For that goal to be achieved, Andreas Eppinger, JCI’s group vice president for technology management, believes that a 5kg weight reduction per front seat is “realistic” in the next five years.

Eppinger said “It depends on how the seat is equipped but for the standard components I see a weight reduction of 30 to 50 % over the next few years. There are significant weight reductions coming. I would say the 5kg reduction is realistic.”

The weight saving would mainly come from the metal side. JCI will use aluminum and high-strength steel as well as thinner materials. They also have improved certain component designs like their new recliner generation, which is significantly lighter. So each and every component is ever lighter.

As automotive accounted for 51 % of JCI’s total global sales of $42 billion last year and the majority was in the seating department, the mega-supplier is interested in bringing its help to the automakers that are trying to achieve the CO2 goals.

Also, JCI is benefiting from the increased reliance of the automakers, gaining an edge in the market, as there are not many companies that can provide such improved seating capability – the supplier has leveraged its expertise also by acquiring mid-sized suppliers such as seat metal structure makers Keiper and C. Rob. Hammerstein Group.

Via Automotive News Europe